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TEVA monitors over 500 publications in Texas to assist consumers and retailers with state and local regulations that could impact their ability to use or sell smoke free products.

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Government Affairs

TEVA's staff are legislative professionals with over 40 years of combined experience. This  experience leads us to better understand the issues government officials are dealing with, and the way those issues affect the vapor industry in Texas.

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Regulating vapor products as tobacco will lead to vapor products being marginalized, the marketplace will be less vibrant and consumers will lose. TEVA is working tirelessly to prevent costly regulation from being implemented in the State of Texas.

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Through its membership, TEVA builds the networks necessary to support outreach and research endeavors paramount to the future of the vapor products industry.

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TEVA Newsletter

Keeping our members informed.

Monthly, TEVA provides its members with the most recent and up to date information on the e-cigarette and vapor industry in Texas.  Each addition includes:

  • Updates on regulatory actions taken around the state
  • Communications with local and state officials
  • Innovations within the industry
  • Feedback from members and affiliated organizations
  • Listing of new members
  • Best practices articles
  • Product reviews
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