About Us

Who we are

Texas E-Cigarette & Vaping Association TEVA

TEVA is a non-profit membership supported organization of businesses and individuals interested in the state and local regulatory policies pertaining to “Smoke Free” or vapor products. Our membership is composed primarily of businesses owners, consumers and manufacturers who share a common belief that all policies regarding regulation of vapor products be formulated in an open dialogue based upon facts.

Our history

Our association was formed when it was apparent the vaping community was not being represented around the state of Texas.  


The best of professionals

  • Andrew Westerkom

    Mr. Westerkom is TVEA's Executive Director and chief spokesperson.  He has significant experience with the Texas...


  • Over 40 years experience lobbying before Texas Legislature
  • Extensive knowledge of the vaping industry
  • Experience handling issues with many state agencies
  • Work at both the State and Federal levels
  • Experience with grass root campaigns
  • Technology and social media expertise



While small and newly founded our team is comprised of individuals with years of Texas legislative experience.


We have the ability through technology to reach a large and rapidly growing base of vapor product users and to mobilize them on behalf of the industry.


We have the staff necessary to stay on top of the needs of our industry.