Our Mission

The Texas E-cigarette & Vaping Association (TEVA) is a non-profit membership supported organization of businesses and individuals interested in the state and local regulatory policies pertaining to "Smoke Free" or vapor products. Our membership is composed primarily of businesses owners, consumers and manufacturers who share a common belief that all policies regarding regulation of vapor products be formulated in an open dialogue based upon facts.

TEVA members operate in every part of Texas; they employ and provide incomes to thousands of Texans; they represent one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and provide the citizens of Texas an alternative to combustible tobacco cigarettes.

TEVA's exclusive focus is the nexus between public regulatory policy and private business activity. We provide our members with current information and high quality analysis of developing issues effecting the vapor industry. We provide educational services to our members and opportunities for them to network and meet with public policy makers. And we advocate changes in public policies where they are necessary to insure meaningful industry standards and furthering the advancement of peer reviewed scientific studies.