I smoked for 17 years, but gave them up about 15 years ago when my wife became pregnant.  I also used smokeless tobacco for the same 17 year period, and increased my usage of it drastically after I stopped smoking. All total I used smokeless tobacco for 32 years.  Two months ago I tried an e-cig from a local convenience store and decided to give them a try.  I have not looked back since! I have upgraded my vaping equipment but I haven't had a single dip since I started vaping.


I previously smoked for 35 years.  As a health professional i knew all the risks involved but I continued.  Over the years I tried numerous things to stop smoking.  I went to my first stop smoking class after smoking only 4 years.  At the time i though 4 years was alot, little did I know that it would go on as long as it did. It makes me sad to think if I only knew during my first stop-smoking attempt that this would be a battle that would go on for over a third of a century.  Obviously, that first attempt did not work for me.  A few years later I tried hypnosis. Again, it didn't keep me from not smoking. I was beginning to feel like a failure - other people did it, why not me? I knew how bad it was ... Over the coming years I tried patches, gum and then Zyban and later on acupuncture and after that Chantix. The only success I ever had was when I became pregnant with my two kids. I stopped during my pregnancies but then found myself smoking, yet again.  It go to the point where I gear up to quit yet again but felt defeated before even beginning, why would this time be different?

To make a long story short, 6 months ago I tried an electronic cigarette. After I had that, I only smoked three more regular cigarettes before I finally threw that pack away. I have been able to adjust my nicotine, and I 'm down to lower levels and doing just fine. I feel healthier. Plain and simple.  This has been a Godsend.


smoked for 30 years -- quit for 5 years then started again with a dreadful feeling that it will be more difficult to quite this time.  Discovered e-cigarettes. One puff of the ecigs was all that was needed to stop smoking tobacco.