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In fact, the CDC appears to be afraid to acknowledge this truth to the public. I can find no place on its web site that the CDC informs the public of the critical information that e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco and hence are not tobacco products.
— Dr. Siegel

How can a product that contains no tobacco be labeled a tobacco product?  Leave it to the U.S. Center for Disease Control to make this statement and to do it repeatedly.  The CDC has repeatedly made the argument e-cigarettes are tobacco products and therefore should be treated as tobacco products.

In an article, "CDC is Lying to the Public by Classifying Electronic Cigarettes as "Tobacco Products", Dr. Siegel lays bare the bogus assertion that e-cigarettes are tobacco based products.

Should vaping be limited?

Should vaping be limited? No: The state should avoid additional restrictions on the freedoms of adults By Justin Newman Originally printed in The Register-Guard The Oregon House of Representatives has decided for the time being against moving forward with legislation to regulate the sale and use of vapor devices and liquids — an increasingly popular, technology-driven alternative to tobacco products, sometimes categorized as e-­cigarettes. Such caution is well-advised. While nearly everyone supports proposals to keep nicotine-­containing products out of...
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