Could E-cigs lead to a resurgence of manufacturing in the U.S.

Ted Cooper writes an interesting article ("Are E-Cigarettes the Next Big American Success Story?") whereby he makes a compelling argument for the vapor products industry leading a resurgence in on-shore manufacturing.

We already see a majority of the e-juice made in the United States and while the majority of the hardware is designed and manufactured offshore it is certain that more manufacturing opportunities will be available in the near future.  China's inability to maintain standards due to patent and design infringement has led to significant confusion within the marketplace and certainly leaves room for american manufacturers.

The concern is how much regulation is to be imposed and how it is to be structured?  Regulation at the federal level that allows only large manufactures to design and sell product will lead to less innovation, less product options and ultimately higher prices to the consumer.

TEVA will work with all product manufactures to insure a marketplace that does not choose winners but a playing field whereby the consumer benefits and does not suffer by getting fewer options at a higher price.

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