Dismantling the Misinformation

It is evident there are those who seek to profit from the new vapor products industry and those whose businesses will be adversely affected.  The attached article goes into detail outlining those in the past who have gained the most from anti-tobacco regulations.

While the article focuses on second hand smoke from tobacco, it makes a compelling case as to why large drug companies stood to profit from anti-smoking drugs and cessation devices.  It is no wonder these same companies lobbied the FDA years ago to get e-cigarettes classified as "medical devices" thereby controlling their manufacture and distribution.

Having lost the ability to control the product they have now turned their attention to controlling them through regulation and the use of disinformation whereby to have them banned from as much of the public realm as possible.

Please take the time to read and see how the American Medical Association, The American Lung Association and the The American Cancer society have accepted huge sums of money in the past to push the agenda of the drug companies.

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