Fast Facts on Vaping

Fast Facts on Vaping

The Texas E-cigarette and Vaping Association is concerned about the misleading information disseminated by organizations that opposed to electronic cigarettes.

Legislators, city officials, health policy professionals, the media and our citizens are entitled to factual information on the vapor products industry to make informed decisions.  The following facts help to alleviate some of the inflammatory claims:

  • Vapor products do not deliver tar, carbon monoxide or particulates because they use vaporization and not combustion.  Smoking requires combustion by definition.

  • The vapor has been tested by numerous laboratories and none of these tests- including the ones performed by the FDA—found any potentially harmful substances in sufficient quantities to be carcinogenic or toxic.

  • Vaping is 99% safer than smoking.

  • There is no evidence that e-cigarettes are marketed to minors;

  • More than 80% of users are over age 30 and smoked for 10 or more years;

  • Surveys show that the average consumer is a middle-aged, long-term smoker:

  • 80% of e-cigarette users have replaced tobacco based products with vapor products which makes them former smokers.

  • More than 90% of e-cig users have experienced health improvements

  • The use of electronic cigarettes decreases a smoker’s desire to smoke

  • Medical research shows that not all smokers can give up nicotine dependence

  • Tobacco companies have switched advertising from high risk smoking to low risk vaping leading to a significant decrease in first time smokers.


Where does TEVA stand:

  • TEVA supports reasonable manufacturing standards, content labeling, safety warnings, and child-proof packaging.

  • TEVA finds the “Quit or Die” approach to smoking inhumane and asinine.

  • TEVA  is adamantly opposed to a ban on sales of electronic cigarettes to adults.

  • TEVA supports legislation to ban sales of electronic cigarettes to minors.

  • TEVA opposes legislation to ban indoor use of electronic cigarettes.



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