• Scientific Test

    THis is a test

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  • Intro to tobacco control supplement

    Intro to tobacco control supplement

    Introduction to tobacco control supplement Ii-Lun Chen, Corinne G Husten Correspondence to Dr Ii-Lun Chen, Office of Science, Center for…

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  • E-cigarettes: Product characterization and design

    E-cigarettes: Product characterization a

    Electronic cigarettes: product characterisation and design considerations Christopher J Brown, James M Cheng Correspondence to Christopher J Brown, Center for…

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  • Chemical evaluation of e-cigarettes

    Chemical evaluation of e-cigarettes

    Tianrong Cheng Correspondence to Dr Tianrong Cheng, Office of Science, Center for Tobacco Products, Food and Drug Administration, 9200 Corporate…

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  • Impact of E-cigs on children

    Impact of E-cigs on children

    The impact of electronic cigarettes on the paediatric population Elizabeth L Durmowicz Correspondence to Dr Elizabeth L Durmowicz, Center for…

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  • Cigarettes and nicotine pharmacology

    Cigarettes and nicotine pharmacology

    Electronic cigarettes and nicotine clinical pharmacology Megan J Schroeder, Allison C Hoffman Correspondence to Dr Megan J Schroeder, Office of…

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