Is vaping a “Gateway” to smoking?

it could well be that flavored electronic cigarette use inhibits youth smoking by making it much less likely that a youth is going to enjoy his or her first experience with real tobacco cigarettes.
— Dr. Siegel

The argument being made by the CDC, as well as many other anti-smoking groups and advocates, is that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to youth smoking.  This is predicated upon a belief that someone who smokes a tobacco or menthol flavored e-cigarette is then apt to try a tobacco cigarette.  However, all empirical evidence points to the opposite being the case.  More smokers are choosing non-tobacco flavors thereby creating a market for non-tobacco products as opposed to a gateway to tobacco flavors.

Store owners have told TEVA the majority of their customers want non-tobacco flavors.  So why would someone who enjoys strawberry want to change to a tobacco flavor?  It is akin to trying to getting someone to switch from cherry-cola to black coffee.

For a more complete review of this argument against vaping and its rebuttal we suggest you read Dr. Siegel's blog "Why Electronic Cigarette Flavors Probably Prevent Youth from Taking Up Smoking".

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