Laws Across U.S. regulating e-cigarettes

Laws Across U.S. regulating e-cigarettes

The American Non-Smokers Rights Foundation (ANRF) has recently published a list of local municipalities having enacted policies regulating the use of smokeless tobacco products (see link below for the list).  The list includes Frisco, Lufkin, San Angelo, San Marcos, Socorro and Weatherford.  Hat's off to these cities for banning water vapor under the pretense that it looks like smoke. Battery-powered e-cigarettes that turn liquid nicotine into vapor emit no smoke. Research has yet to conclude secondhand inhalation from vape equipment has ill effects that should be the basis of public vaping bans.

In the article, ANRF states, "Existing smokefree laws are often interpreted to prohibit e-cigarette use in their smoke free provisions." So, according to the ANRF it is common for products that don't produce any smoke to be regulated by laws against smoking.  Should we conclude that laws prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in public should apply to IBC Cola and non-alcoholic beers?  They both look like beers to us?

If the ANRF's "public confusion" argument is not strong enough it puts forth the "public health concern" and the "un-regulated constituents" arguments with no-factual support for either.

You see to the ANRF it just doesn't look right and might be considered a nuisance to their supporters.  Babies crying in public are a nuisance as well to some folks but we don't see that as a reason to ban them from public places.  The facts are that vaping is daily converting thousands of former smokers to products that no longer put hundreds of proven toxins into their bodies.  It does so with a by product that is in most instances odorless and has no proven ill health effects to by-standers.  It would look as though we can add the ANRF to the list of those who choose knee-jerk sensationalism over fact based regulatory policy.

TEVA wants to remind those who support smokeless alternatives that we need your support.  Don't let the misinformation and disinformation drive the formation of policies that affect your ability to lead a cleaner lifestyle.  Become a member for free  and get involved so as to protect your rights.

ANRF Laws Regulating E-Cigarettes as of 7/3/14

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