SB 1618 by Senator Estes

SB 1618 by Senator Estes

In recent years, we have seen a significant rise in the use of e-cigarettes or other “vaping” devices that are a non-tobacco means of delivering nicotine to the user.  There are currently 45 million smokers in the U.S. Statistics indicate that 31% of people who tried e-cigarettes quit smoking within 6 months. In 2014, e-cigarette sales exceeded $2.4 billion and continue to rise. The conversion of smokers to non-tobacco nicotine products is expected to yield millions of dollars of savings in healthcare costs to insurers and taxpayers.

The purpose of this bill is to limit the ability of minors to obtain non-tobacco nicotine products.  Despite the benefits these products provide in terms of moving users away from tobacco products, as a state we do not want to encourage the use of nicotine products among youth. The bill also places certain requirements on the sale, marketing and shipment of these nicotine products.  The bill creates two new subchapters to accomplish these goals rather than inserting the provisions in subchapters of the Code pertaining to tobacco products.


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