Why Join TEVA?

Green paper note with text Join nowThe Texas E-cigarette & Vaping Association (TEVA) was formed in 2014. Our mission is to provide a strong voice in the legislative and executive offices of state government for those Texans who believe there should be responsible regulation of vapor products. We carry out that mission by providing timely and useful information about developments in state government, research and analysis on the effects and implications of those developments, and a respected voice in conveying the views of our membership to legislative and executive policymakers.

TEVA is a membership organization made up of small businesses, associations and individuals from all parts of Texas who desire to see the e-cigarette and vaping industry prosper under a reasoned regulations based upon facts and not hysteria. TEVA provides our members with regular reporting and analysis of significant industry developments in newsletters, on the Internet (www.texasvaping.org), and in other publications that are both informative and easy to read. For members that want to take a more active role in understanding and shaping policies, we provide regular briefings and meetings to discuss specific issues. During legislative sessions, TEVA prepares detailed analyses of all significant legislation that affects the vaping industry both directly or indirectly. When the Legislature is not in session, our staff continues working with our membership and government officials on the development of rules to implement legislation and on ways to improve administrative procedures.

TTARA's staff has over 80 years of legislative experience and our relationships and experience provide us a better understand the issues government officials are dealing with, and the way those issues affect the vapor products businesses in Texas.

The services TEVA provides are inexpensive compared to the much larger cost of inappropriate or uninformed governmental actions. Whether a prospective member is interested in merely receiving the information we provide in our newsletters, keeping up with activities as they occur through our electronic services, or taking part face-to-face in our interest groups, there is a place for them in TEVA. We all know that it is cheaper to prevent problems from developing than it is to fix them after the fact. TEVA provides a unique resource to prevent problems. We hope you will choose to work with us to affect the major industry issues ahead.